What is it?

I like to think of Worship as having a party with God for God. It’s when we remember how much God loves us, why we can be hopeful no matter what’s going on, and that we each have infinite value no matter what we’ve done.

It’s also when we remind God how much we love him. Not that he forgets stuff, but that he cares enough about each one, that our feelings toward him matter to him. A parent doesn’t get tired of hearing a child say, “I love you”. Same deal with God.

Oh yeah, you don’t have to dress fancy to party with God.

What’s it like?

Dress is causal–whatever you’re comfortable with. 

Music is upbeat with guitars, drums, piano… the occasional saxophone...

Service lasts till about 12:15PM.

Children can stay with their parents or go children’s church after the worship music. The first Sunday of the month is Family Sunday, and children remain with their families and are given their own bulletins.

Everyone is welcome here.