Worship- What is it?

We worship through the way we live our lives. As Christians, we seek to live in a manner that worships God- not our country, not wealth, not ourselves, not even our families. Through daily, weekly, and seasonal incorporation of pratices that orient our lives around God instead of any other passion or pursuit, we cultivate rhythms of worship. 

A significant practice for us as Christians is gathering weekly as the body of Christ- the church- to worship communally with our brothers and sisters in Christ. For our church body, this has taken place on Sunday in the form of a worship service.

So... a worship service... what is that? 

I like to think of Worship as having a party with God for God. It’s when we remember how much God loves us, why we can be hopeful no matter what’s going on, and that we each have infinite value no matter what we’ve done.

It’s also when we remind God how much we love him. Not that he forgets stuff, but that he cares enough about each one, that our feelings toward him matter to him. A parent doesn’t get tired of hearing a child say, “I love you”. Same deal with God.

We also remind ourselves that God's love for us and for all is revealed in our life together as a community of believers. When we gather together on Sundays for worship, we are reminded of the beautiful gift we've been given to share life with eachother. 

Elements of the service may include prayer- both silently and audibly, individually and corporately, singing songs, the reading of Scripture, teaching through a sermon, the opportunity to respond to God's grace through giving of tithes and offerings, the sharing of announcements and prayer concerns, and every week includes the practice of communion by which we participate in the mystery of Jesus' Crucifixion and Resurrection. 

What’s it like?

Dress is causal–whatever you’re comfortable with. 

Music is upbeat with guitars, drums, piano… the occasional saxophone...

Service lasts till about 12:00 noon.

Children 4 & up can stay with their parents or go children’s church after the worship music. The first Sunday of the month is Family Sunday, and children remain with their families and are given their own bulletins. The nursery is available for children 0-3 years old. 

Everyone is welcome here.