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What is it?

There are a lot of ways to define the word worship. While the music we include as part of a service is indeed worship, to define worship as only music is to disregard all the ways we are called to worship God- both as individuals and as the corporate church body.
The most important thing we desire at Christ Community Church is for the individual to feel a sense of awe and belonging before God.
We want this to be real- real worship. We hope that you will feel comfortable to worship God- the Lord Most High- with your entire heart, soul, mind and body.  Real is our buzzword. Authenticity and realness is what we strive for in life, in worship, and in ministry. 
 One of the best definitions for worship comes from Dr. Robert Webber, “Worship is a personal meeting with God in which we honor, magnify and glorify him for his person and actions.” 
 We hope you will join us and worship along with us- through music, but also through the reading and study of the Word, through prayer, through fellowship, through receiving and offering of God's peace and hospitality, through the giving of tithes and offerings, and most of all through the participation in the sacrament of communion.