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Worship- Further Explored

What’s it like?
Dress is causal–whatever you’re comfortable with.
Music is upbeat with guitars, drums, …
Service lasts till about 12:00PM
Children can stay with their parents, or are welcome to go to children’s church or the Nursery.
The first Sunday of every month is Family Sunday and children will remain in the service with their family, and will be given their own special Bulletin.
Everyone is welcome here. 
During the service there will be music- during which we invite you to participate however you feel led- stand, sit, sway, stomp your feet, raise your hands, clap along, sing it out. We aren't playing music to entertain you, but to help you connect to the presence of God in this place. So however you connect to the music and to the Holy Spirit, that's what we want you to do. We pray you will be encouraged by the music that is included, and we do try to include the occasional hymn alongside contemporary worship songs and choruses-  but if the music isn't to your personal preference we invite you to recognize the unique opportunity that provides to remind us that our worship isn't self-centered but Christ-centered.

There will be a time of prayer. During this time you can sit, stand, kneel at your seat or at the altar- again, whatever posture lets you experience and enter into God's presence. 

Almost every Sunday we take the sacrament of communion or Eucharist- sacrament meaning a visible act that expresses the inward working of God's grace in our lives. It is a means of giving thanks for Christ's sacrifice on the cross and a way of participating in the redemption He purchased for us. 

By taking the bread and the body we believe Christ lives in us. By taking communion we express our need for Christ and our gratitude for His sacrifice on our behalf. 

Here at Christ Community we take communion by intinction: a big fancy word that means dipping the wafer into the cup, as opposed to sipping from the cup. We invite anyone who believes in Christ and is trying to follow Him to participate. You do not have to have been baptized, you do not have to be a member and you sure don't have to have it all figured out. All that is necessary is the desire to know Christ and to allow Him to be Lord of your life. Come down, take the wafer, dip it in the juice- you may then eat it as you return to your seat, take it back to your seat to eat after a moment's reflection, or even come kneel at the altar to pray and eat it.