Thank you for joining us at Monty Stewart's memorial service.
If you were not able to attend or watch the live video broadcast, 
you can view the 
recording on our YouTube Channel.
Unfortunately due to copyrighted audio, some parts of the video recording 
have had the audio track deleted.  Please feel free to play some of your own 
Monty inspired music for these portions, or whistle the Andy Griffith song you all know so well.

Welcome to Christ Community Church of the Nazarene

                               Our Mission: To make Christlike disciples in the nations.                                  

Christ Community Church exists to be REAL

Reach everyone for the Kingdom of Christ
Equip everyone to be a disciple of Jesus
Assimilate everyone into a ministry
Love God and others

Manna Hot Meals- We will resume our Thursday night dinners in February and we could use your help with serving and with cleanup!
Please let us know if you could come 
on a weekly or monthly basis to help!

All– Church Valentine's Luncheon          
On January 31, following the morning worship service, we will have an All-Church Valentines Luncheon. The church will provide the bread, meat, and drinks. Please bring a side dish to share. This will be a wonderful time of good food, fellowship and delicious, mouth-watering Desserts auctioned off by our youth group to help raise funds for upcoming retreats and other spiritual-formation activities.

So remember your checkbook so you can purchase a delicious, gourmet dessert to share with your table or take home to enjoy later. We can’t wait to see you there!


 All Church Elections

for the 2016-2017 Church Year

Elections for the upcoming church year will be held by ballot on Sundays, January 31st and February 7th.  Members will be asked to vote on one of these days. If you are unsure of your membership status please check with Janelle Maher in the office. Thank you!

2016 Calendars          

At the table in the foyer you can pick up a calendar and pen for 2016 that were purchased by one of the members as a gift to the congregation. Thanks!


Men’s Retreat

It's time to sign up for the Men's Advance 

( Retreat) to be held March 4-6 at Angels

 Camp. The cost is $100. Make your

 reservation now before spaces run out. Sign

 up in the Foyer with Curt Lawson, Tomas

 Navarro or Bill Stewart at 925-766-2554.


Please be in prayer for the church's leadership in this time of transition, that God would bestow wisdom and vision and guide us to call a Pastor who will continue the work of Jesus in our midst.  Now more than  ever it is important that we support each other as a community and that we seek to be discerning of the Holy Spirit's promptings.      

  Church Office: (925) 685-4343  Email: info@concordnaz.org 1650 Ashbury Drive Concord, CA 94520